Kramer's Hana Hou    Hana Hou's  pedigree
For information about Hana Hou's puppies (litter of february 2009, litter November 2006) please follow the link
Kramer's Luna   Luna's pedigree
Luna was born on the 27th November 2006 .  
Karana Oz Mocha   Mocha's pedigree

Karana Oz Mocha (Karana Duke X Karrawarra Mallee) 

Mocha working sheep

Karana Oz Mocha and Kramers Gidgee  
For information about Mocha's puppies please follow the link
 2 pups available May 2013 view the litter here
Kramers Gidgee   Gidegee's pedigree
Kramers Gidgee ( Karana Digby X Karana Mocha) working sheep for the first time.
Also view the video
Feldspar Joule   Joule's Pedigree
Joule, whose name means units of energy or work, is from the second litter of Doss-Tex Red Clay (*Karrawarra Speed x *Capree Hillary) and Deerwood's Blue Pearl (Rose River Blue x Chuckanut Blue Belle).
Joule was born in January 1997.  She was an early starter, competing successfully in trials at 15 months of age.  Joule judges stock well.  She can work independently and use the appropriate force when necessary.
Joule is a very composed and stoic dog that we work primarily on sheep. She has also demonstrated the ability to work cattle and she has a low heel bite and a nose and front hoof bite.  
For information about Joule's puppies (2004 & 2001) please follow the link
Feldspar "Mitee" Sandstone Mitee's pedigree
Feldspar Sandstone aka Vegemite or "Mitee" (Feldspar Citrine "Taco" x Feldspar Opal) was born June 1999.  She is a stylish worker with a lot of natural ability.  She stays off the stock well and so far has shown good force with a nose bite when needed.